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i luv summer

Design by b12345

i luv summer by b12345 on Threadless
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Maltzmania profile pic Alumni


By the by, no need to spam other peoples designs with your link...promote it in the blogs!

see here

plasmanter profile pic Alumni

i can´t see o0

Orbanya profile pic Alumni

Looks good! Nice colors!


Freindly Heads up:
please dont post your links in other peoples submissions its considered rude.
if you need to promote a design post a blog about it!

walmazan profile pic Alumni

so cool!


really,man, posting links onto peoples submissions up for scoring is only going to hurt your score:(

Jake Friedman

In relation to your spamming, I like to give this example.
Let's say you are a musician, giving a performance for a large audience. Now imagine that someone comes on stage uninvited, and just starts playing over your music. Doesn't sound fair, does it? Well that is basically what you're doing to other artists. And as the audience, we don't like it either.


he is getting publicity just by causing this argument... any publicity is good publicity right...? they still need eyes.


the way I see it spamming is long term loss, short term gain (I started off as a spammer myself and had to have the rules explained as well)
Listen to donotspam, Maltzmania and the rest, they are only trying to help.

Good Work!


A quality design spam itself by being a quality design

ok, quite confusing but you got the sense.




It's like talking to a wall...


not keen on this submission at all. it seems so generic and the colour palette doesn't have universal appeal.

PS I agree with the majority of users against spamming other peoples comment boxes. no matter what way you look at it, it is rude self centered and not in the spirit of the competition.


quick-brown-fox on Mar 24 '10
The spamming looks to have worked though.

1.42 -- It sure has.

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