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I Love Pirate by savianty on Threadless
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big zero

staffell profile pic Alumni

this is great ! 5$

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

If its clip art, its clip art.
That's not theft, its just unoriginal


I don't know why people even try to get away with this crap here. For catdogpigduck that said it's not theft. Sure it is. Yes, it's clipart, but someone created that clipart. Therefore, it's stealing.


Looks too much like a logo. I'd expect people seeing it to think it's the logo for a new-england fishery.
I'd have scored it higher if it had some humorous addition like "Yarr Co.", "Arr Inc." or "Matey LLC"


this is crap, and staffell, you're a nob


it looks like the old piratebay logo.


it's an awesome idea, but needs reworking. for one, everyone is CLEARLY bent out of shape about the font ordeal; and for two, pick a more creative knot. try making it a picket design, and bowline know so that it could extend down the shirt ( to which perhapes you could add an anchor... navy stockless type or common fishermans ).

ok, sorry. that was my OMG NAVY comment of the century :)


*pocket, bowline knot

...fucking keyboard and acryllic nails...


You guys are truly insane to think this is just a good style of mix and matching.. idiots.

Yeah, of course you'd have the original. All you had to do was cut out some parts.. copy paste double the image and change the color and put it underneath or something totally imaginative.



Nice design, better than most of the other rubbish you see.


It means that to make this "design", he used a FONT type (refer to theurbanraptor's link) of the letter "L" of that font with a combination of the number 1.

Cut, Copy, Duplicate and paste.


Yar har fiddle-di-dee being a pirate is alright with me~


Don't like it.q

briancook profile pic Alumni

To change that font into an .AI file all you have to do is create outlines on the "text". How can you dispute that you used the font eh? I know people are being hard on you but at least own up to the fact that you used the font. It just doesn't seem fair that you let us assume that you created the whoel logo from scratch.


I can't believe you tried to pass off a dingbat for a design.

Big Zero dude. Negative if I could.

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