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I love my home by Twiggyhall on Threadless
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This is a fun design & I like the off-center placement.


the design is cute. i like it. C:

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Weird - that post was meant to be from me - but was posted under someone else's name - crazy!


i like this a lot!

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Jens that frolic in poofy dresses unite! :) (I am a Jen that does delightful things like that, too)

Sorry, off the subject, carry on...

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mollyric on Jul 12 '07
huh? This design seems really random. The tree's leaves are blobby-looking, the roots look like tentacles, the tree pattern is all faric-y but nothing else is. There is no motif or recognizable style, it doesn't mesh.

Um, I think that's the point of the abstract style and nature of the design. I think all of the elements and little pieces of this design are inspired and layed out quite well (love the little opposite colored birdies in the trees), I would just make the roots flail out a bit more to make the whole image flo, possibly bringing them around the design to make it even more abstract. I would also make this a bit smaller and put it smack dab in the middle of the tee. nice work tho! 3.


its awesome. :D

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Thank you, everyone! :)


I really like the roots, but I'm not particularly fond of the rest of it... and that's from someone who loves green and birds.


great design. love the colors.

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Thank you everyone! :)

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Lol! Gotta love Brian Regan - thanks for the advice, "JB" ;)

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Those darn roots! I keep telling them to behave, but they just won't! ;)

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