i love my herb

Design by Karnaf

i love my herb by Karnaf on Threadless
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looks like the last word is HERE, which would actually make this design a lot better


I concur "I love me here" WOULD be a lot better


yup, liking your stuff

Max F

realy cool !

Monkey II

yea awesome shirt


ameliaorate, it could also say "i heart IT here" if you are going to be picky about it


Clearly this shirt isn't going to be appreciated by those who don't smoke pot. Therefore, the design limits itself before even being scored. Without the pot reference though, it's actually a good shirt.

If it said "I (heart) it here" that would be so much better... and it would make more sense than "I (heart) my here." I don't even own a here...

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"i did not sniff the coke, i only smoked the sensimeela"

I love the design of the shirt, the placement is amazing...but i no longer feel the need to advertise my slight herbage indulgence like i wanted to in my youthful years. Still, cool idea...

Flying Mouse

This is beutiful, I like it. $5


nice colors

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