I Love Me A Latte

Design by jessreneeharvey

I Love Me A Latte by jessreneeharvey on Threadless
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Yeah. You're amazing. So is this t-shirt!

jessreneeharvey profile pic Artist

thanks! I use corel painter 11 and love it! I highly recommend it to all artist and designers! I used a picture of a latte as my color palette then used a soft blender brush to combine the color and shading!

Adam Lawless

CORAL PAINTER? WOW....I shud give it a try...tq for sharing!~ .........................................$5!!!

jessreneeharvey profile pic Artist

Thank you! Yeah, I really like it. Like a said, I use the 11th version. But they came out with a 12th and offer free trails. I did the trail and it's not much different to the 11th as far as programming goes. The only difference a noticed was a more modern look (similar to Adobe) and a few (minor) added features. The trial last 30 days and is easy to download! Here's the link if you want to check it out!


If you like it, I'm sure you could get 11 for cheap. If you'd rather have 12, keep up with the website because every once in a while they'll offer some pretty decent deals!

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