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Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

I just saw doode bug, haha... yea it make you guys remind it. Anyhow, hope you guys enjoy this.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

I love this. The drawing style on the bee is awesome, so kudos for that.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Awwwww...i LOVED the whole "what are you looking at?!?!?" part of this design. I still would put that in with this design to make the joke that the bee just made such a pretty shape but is stil lwondering what the big deal is. O well. Very nice color combo, placement and design despite the doodlebug similiarities. This is enough of an original idea to warrant a high score. Congrats to you FM!


I like this much more than Doodle Bug. (I hate ladybugs.) Good job!


Doodlebug was my first thought as well, but darn, I really like the bee you've got here. Maybe removed the dotted part of the design and add in some real flowers in the same style? That would get a very high score from me.



sorry for the typo

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

There's no reason this can't be printed too.
There were how many shirts that looked like Rayguns?...
I love this. I hope it prints.


again, good stuff here


Maybe if you add additional bees? Bees communicate location of pollen sources by dancing -- there could be an audience of bees watching the performance, which would make it less like doodle bug.


i love this. the wasp looks like hes on drugs. lol. neat =]


i love this. the wasp looks like hes on drugs. lol. neat =]

herky profile pic Alumni

beautiful design, the flower patterns are so delicate.

kako64 profile pic Alumni

Very Good work. Love it ! You can say to the girl: comon let I follow the drawing with my finger. ;)

Kojima profile pic Alumni

^ you'll get slapped across the face

chronically bizarre

I definitely think this is similar to doodlebug, but I like this one all the same.


Loooooove this... I love bees.... I have a submission in the critique area about bees dancing to communicate... it's called Waggle Dance.


2.46...not bad :)


i want it now. can i have it? :D

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