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I like sandwich by Jack Noel on Threadless
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haha thats cool. $3


I like grammar.

What are the third and fourth things?


Where's the mayo?

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I need color! Fantastic image though.


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Is this making fun of all the shirts depicting blown out electronic equipment on so many sites nowadays? Because if it is, that is the funniest satire i have seen in a long while.


mmmmm brie. Soooooo yummy, I wish I wasn't a poor college kid I would go buy some. But wait I need shirts too o the delema.What's a girl to do.


very nice design - I agree with ^ - needs more color/colors - 3


I like the color version here http://jacknoel.co.uk - submit that one on a lighter colored shirt, maybe light blue


At first I thought those were pretzels. I thought, hmm, weird, pretzels on sandwiches...but I guess people eat all sorts of things on sandwiches, had a friend once that claimed he'd eat toast on a sandwich, so anything goes (he was British, said that's how they are over there).

But Brie? Really? I was curious a couple of years ago, had some of it melted in a crepe, and it was by far one of the most disgusting things I've ever eaten. I was trying hard to be smooth, not hurl it back up, but that gag reflex was really working hard trying to get that stuff out.

How can something as delicious as cheese take such a wrong turn? Even gorgonzola and limburger aren't THAT gross.

But I love the way you drew the romaine lettuce, it looks fantastic, as does the bread. Once I looked closer the tomatoes didn't really look much like pretzels, but do look very much like bell pepper slices.

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