I Heate Sushi

Design by hem

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Wasn't there a print with exactly this title?
He's holding the chopsticks incorrectly.

Scotticus profile pic Alumni

i like this old vintage style illustration, i'd wear it.

i like the idea too


I'd like it, too, only if the guy was holding chopsticks correctly...

Still, a funny design. I'd buy it. $4, fo' sho'


i love sushi~

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It's like you saw the Chick Fila ad campaign and said "hey, why not for octopi as well?" Hey, there have been worse ideas. Not my thing, but not bad either....you should DEF make the "H" overlap more on the sign with what it is trying to cover up.


As far as I'm concerned that is an octopus standing on another octopus' head under the coat, just like in cartoons or the little rascals. That way I can enjoy all the swirly tentacles without worrying about counting them.
And I like this a lot!


I love sushi, and the shirt's funny and well drawn.
Like the colors chosen as well. I'd buy this.

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