I Heart Polaroids

Design by Rebecca Jane

I Heart Polaroids by Rebecca Jane on Threadless
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I'm really gonna wage a feces flyin' war if there are any more heart subs.


love this.$5 polaroids rock!

chronically bizarre

ugh enough with the damn heart designs, there are too many and it's gotten old, it's fine to go with the simplistic look, but please go with a simplistic original look


stick a pin in the polaroid, to "hold it in place" and you`re gold! As is, a 4.34 will do!!!



I know you were trying to go for the minimalist look, but it just seems too simple. It's decent though.


cliche 101......the haer in the chest thing has been overused, picked up nad recycled for a gazzilioon times.....i dont know how thredaless accepted such a design no offesnse but it lacks artistics endeavers nad significance!!

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