I Hate Stripes

Design by yoshi andrian

I Hate Stripes


yoshi andrian
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did u mean the stripes color, xiv? it supposed to black, white and dark red, greys come into view when i converted it from vector illustration..


its cool i like it, but yeah, too many colors.. and at first i thought it was painting the strips ON the shirt haha

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

wow.. I like this.

Ava Adore

very awesome


yeah..I thought you were painting stripes ON the shirt too
fun idea.


wow! I would wear it


the reason it looks like the stripes are being painted on is because there are slivers of red extending over them. iy you had slivers of stripe extending into red, it would look better. know what i'm getting at?

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i really like this idea

but yeah, my problem with it at first, because they are red and white strips, was to form the shape that the stripes create into the united states... you can see distorted forms of texas and florida...


xiv, i count 5 colors. you look into things way too much.

band-it profile pic Alumni

made me laugh.
nice concept.

jublin profile pic Alumni

i like this a lot dude. very well done. i'm giving it a 5 and a $ and i'm gonna rip off your idea in about a week or two.

JUST KIDDING about the last part!


if it was green, or any color other than red, actually, i would give it a five... but red is SO uck! you should paint over the RED with a better color :-)


i love it. I hope it gets printed!!

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