I Hate Rainbows

Design by zorack

I Hate Rainbows by zorack on Threadless
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zorack profile pic Artist

Nuff said. :-D

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

then why would you want to wear one? all i know is i wouldn't want to spread rainbow hate.
i luv thems 'bows.


rampant, way off, thats like someone saying they hate pink and you interperate that as someone hating women.

creative fisheries

Love the design and the texturing. Lose the "ih8" and i give it a $5


I'm gay, and did not read this as an anti-gay shirt. When did all things rainbow=gay? I must have missed the memo. I know there's the rainbow flag and all that, but I don't see a rainbow CareBear for example and think "ooh.. that must be GayBear."


I love this shirt! It's not antigay, maybe some of you are just a little too quick to point out otherwise. Do I sense some repressed tendencies floating around.....

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

As much as i dig the design aesthetics here, I would be a bit too nerve-whacked to wear this when people would mis-interpret it as anti-gay. I'm not really anti-rainbow, but i think it's a funny enough idea to wear based on the brilliance of the design. I H8 H8!


1) rainbows rule
2) if I hated them, I wouldn't be wearing one on my chest.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

I don't think it's anything homophobic.

zorack profile pic Artist

thanks for the various comments. I found out that this design had various meanings after a couple of comments here.

rainbows = different genders, race, nations... wow! I should have done my research before submitting this.

For all of you, thanks a lot. :-D

Savage Companion

gay rainbow always has purple in it.

this is not homophobic

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