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I think I've already seen this as a slogan submission.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've seen that phrase before.


Yeah, the idea's been done before, but at least I've never seen it being done before...

PeculiarTiffany profile pic Alumni

Definitely Type Tee material here. It's not like it's complicated or particularly artsy typography.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Barring the fact that I've seen this shirt already which is a little disappointing coming from a three-time alumni of this site, i don't get the fish bowl being in this joke. Is that from some other joke that everyone else saw but i have already forgotten about?

Retroludo profile pic Alumni

I'm all for benefit of the doubt, but this has been done before whether you realize it or not. I got several hits on a basic google search using those exact words. Bummer.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i didn't get the fish thing at all until i remembered that fish are supposed to have a ten second memory.

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

Hmm. Well, if the slogan's been done, there's not much left, is there? :(

mattnz profile pic Artist

Hmmm maybe should've researched this one a bit better...

staffell profile pic Alumni

oh well!

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