I can see clearly now

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I can see clearly now by KDLIG on Threadless
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dacat profile pic Alumni

"a very bad drawing" ??? have you seen the other designs compared to this designer?

Slinkey Binky

i like it, but i think that the eye and mouth shouldn't be there, or maybe just make the nose smaller... but how can you say this is a bad drawing?


Let's see YOUR drawings Cabooglio. Quit being a jackass.

I think this sub is incredibly well drawn.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

To Cabooglio, have you seen Picasso's works? would you also tell him that if a five year old kid had done his works, you would say the same thing as "Keep raching for the stars"? I'm not comparing myself to him, I'm just saying this with what you think about my drawing as a teenager's line of work, this just showcases that I can be versatile at any styles, maybe your comment is considered a compliment after all, not bad Cabooglio, not bad =)

herky profile pic Alumni

I like the sketchy cross-hatching, nice illustration

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Really "eye"-catching design....wow, i almost passed out from the horrible stale odor coming off that last pun i just made. But seriously, i really like the feel of this drawing, and would like the face to be a half of the tee, and the other half of the face on the back on the opposite side of where it is on the front. Got that? 3.


I like the design, but I would not wear it on a T-shirt. I might consider it if the placement was different.


Drawing is lovely, size is not. 5.


eh. Not so much. There's just something wrong about it. Maybe it's the person, a different person would be better. I Really love the style, and hope that more works with this much effort are submitted.

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