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I can haz ur soul?

Design by bananaphone

I can haz ur soul? by bananaphone on Threadless
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bananaphone profile pic Artist

I can sub catz?


love it!

olie! profile pic Alumni

I would make the bones either a tad darker or a tad lighter than the shirt because I can barely see them as is. . . nice job otherwise

nintechno profile pic Alumni

haha, $5

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

yeah, i have the same bone to pick about the bones, but i may just have to re-calibrate my monitor...


I didn't even notice the bones until I read the comments. Even now that I know they are there, they are really hard to see.


It's OK, but not your best. The whole LOLcats thing as a meme isn't worth your talent.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

My talent wasn't doing anything else at the time.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

ps if I only did things worthy of my "talent" then I'd maybe have one print instead of 4+ ?

bananaphone profile pic Artist

see the +?

besides, let's see you do better.


I didn't see the bones either, but I like it better without them anyway.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

the bones are supposed to be subtle and there to eliminate anyone thinking that this is a cat saving souls for christ or something.


Ohhhhh, Matt. Haha.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

you can has it any day you want.

walmazan profile pic Alumni

i love it! $5

bananaphone profile pic Artist

lol cats are stupid! $0


Wow yeah, I didn't even notice there were bones until it was mentioned. They should be lightened (light gray maybe? But not white). Cute, nonetheless.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

everything in print is usually higher contrast than on screen, not to mention the fact that YOUR MONITORS ARE NOT CALIBRATED.

Can we stop getting feedback based on how shit your own monitors are now and perhaps focus on something constructive.


I didn't like the tone of your comment one bit. I felt that I was giving constructive criticism. My only problem was that I couldn't see the bones (I feel that really adds to the design), so I said what I thought but I never said it was bad.
I wasn't trying to be rude so don't be rude to me.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this but jeez the bones are just way too hard to see. WTF UP WIT DAT!? Also, you suck.


bananaphone profile pic Artist

I wasn't directing that at you nautical nun. If you want to take it personally though, go ahead, you are probably the kind of person that takes everyones comments personally regardless of whether they have anything to do with you.


i can has monitur caibrazun?

chippos profile pic Alumni

no, you cant. haha 4!

bananaphone profile pic Artist

gee rpolich, it's called subtlety.

If everyone could see the bones without any effort, where would the fun be?

It's a pity nearly every fucking thing has to be spelt out to this threadless audience for them to "get it". Anything remotely random and they want to know what movie it must have come from. Anything subtle and they want to be slapped in the face with it. Anything the least bit intelligent and you have to hold a bloody lecture to explain it so that people understand, and by then they've already given you a zero for not making a sub with a movie parody.


did anyone mention it's tough to see the bones?

...sorry - I actually like this

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