I came to kill you...

Design by Guido Schmidt

I came to kill you... by Guido Schmidt on Threadless
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I nice big slice of 80s looking cheese. 5


I'm scared you big douche!

But seriously, I don't like it.




i love everything except the gun, it needs work.

classicoke profile pic Alumni

is that from face off? im a sequential artist at heart so i cant stand to look at 3 empty comic style boxes


Call me cheese, but hells yes me likesy!


Handgun looks better, and I think I like it better without the circle, though I haven't thought about it much.

The silhouette look, though cheesy, appeals to me for some reason. Nice work.


Definately without the sun.
And I also think, the pistol looks better than the rifle, although it draws all the attention to itself, because it is much more detailed than anything else in the design. Perhaps you get a better effect, when you fit the weapon more into the style of the design...
And yes, I'm also reminded of Sin City, because of the black&white-look and the white-shining glasses. Doesn't bother me, though, I like SC references (even if they aren't on purpose).

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

or "What a Sin City sequel would look like if it were directed by John Woo." I like the handgun sub better b/c the hand looks more natural holding it. Now all he needs is another one in his other hand to complete the ultimate Woo cliche shirt! This tee gets a high-end 3 from me!


I like it with the handgun and the circle...but the original design reminds me of Constantine for some reason...but anyway it looks better with the handgun, i would get it


it could almost do without the gun...the birds flying away is ominous enough. The gun weighs the shirt down.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

It looks like a sequel to "He Lives by the Ocean" shirt. Sort of his revenge against the birds.


nice john woo angle, but I'd get rid of the rifle and replace it with the signature double 45s... Nice touch with the birds...

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