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i am traffic by mikemills on Threadless
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my brain wanted to read "i STOP fashion," but i suppose this will do :D

sonmi profile pic Alumni

great idea! and it's good to see you around again, mike

mikemills profile pic Artist

Thanks sonmi - I've been stuck in traffic...

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

whoa 5$

Ava Adore

damn, thats reallly really great!

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Great to see another of your subs mate! It looks great and the style really matches the subject. I love the little "expect delays" sign!

filak profile pic Alumni

Nice $5

mikemills profile pic Artist

"i am traffic" is my way of saying I am my own biggest roadblock - that I am often the very thing that stands between me and whatever's next in life. It's definitely been true for me for the last few months... (and t-shirt design is great therapy). thanks for the suggestion, though, and for everyone's comments.

hogboy profile pic Alumni

awesome illo man... shit I really have to score more often. I've missed your last 6 designs.

mikemills profile pic Artist

thanks aaron - and no sweat. i can't keep up either...

d3d profile pic Alumni

strange but cool. i'm not really feeling the colours or the super fine lines though.

mikemills profile pic Artist

Finer lines get printed here every week - but yeah, white shirts are always a gamble.

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