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I like the concept, but think it could use some tweaking. The chevron is a little big and looks awkward touching the circle of stars - just reduce the size to 50% or 75% of its current size to put some space in between and see if you like it. Also, filling the "I am proud" text with the flag pattern makes it a little hard to read from a distance perhaps because the font is also a little scripty and hard to read. Try going with a less scripty font with a heavier black outline to it if you want to fill it with the flag pattern and see if you like it. Or keep the font but don't fill it with the flag pattern. - Just some ideas. I would love to see some version of this printed. Good luck!

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fantastic $5!!!!

opifan64 profile pic Alumni

I'd rock this with a Kentucky waterall mullet.

briancook profile pic Alumni

I kinda feel like it looks a little too much like something they sell at truck stops already...:/

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

cues up random patriotic country song and throws a live pig in the barbeque fire pit


So cool!

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