I am not punk rock.

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I am not punk rock. by Mythsnlore on Threadless
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^^^ Someone only thinks he knows what emo means.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

i love it when you people discuss the most pointless crap in the world... I dont want this shirt because avril lavyne or whoever she is would already be wearing it


not my style but i like the words in the tie.


looks like "I am nit punk rick"


c'mon now, not even billie joe armstrong would wear that...


I thought the ROCK said RICK until
I read the title.


I agree with everyone else; lose at least one of the safety pins.


I do like the tie, but wouldn't wear it with the pins (i'd be too worried about people looking at me tata's). 4.

coolhandcarter profile pic Alumni

love the tie design. would'nt wear it on a t though


Wow... I actually Love this shirt.

But I don't like where the pins are.

Maybe down at the bottom is better?

Still $5


I was about to type something else saying it only would appeal to people who like the lame tie trend.....especially girls who like the lame tie trend. Ugh.

But then I realized the fact it says "I'm not punk rock" on the tie...and those people who really aren't punk rock would be (hypothetically) wearing it. Bahaha. Yay.

I won't wear it though, don't want to be 'another girl who is wearing a tie thinking she is avant garde'


I know for a fact I am not Rick. I dont think I ever was Rick. That Rick guy sounds like a punk.


i had such a hard time figuring out what "i am nit punk rick" meant as well

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