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andreroquette profile pic Artist

I design made with a typography that i developed and always wanted to make a t-shirt out of it. This is my chance...

Plu Shu

Awesome typo, too bad I don't dig the message. Yes, if this one does not go well on scoring, please make another one :D

Nacho G

Great typing work!


Typography - I'm impressed, the message itself - not so much.


Nice type treatment, maybe a touch of ilegability but how cares :) great work.

andreroquette profile pic Artist

thanks guys! great feedback! I will try to make more experiments with it. Its a very graphical typeface, lots of cool stuff can come out of it. cheers


Round here it's verboten to be unimpressed by anything, so sadly this won't do well from the get-go.

That said, I don't know why you wasted time creating a typeface when you were just going to tack on an unattractive font to the bottom. It waters down your custom text, as well as the tee's message. Be proud of the "I'm not impressed" message if you're going to wear it, and don't sweeten the sting with a "please". It's like wearing a shirt that says "Christianity: Zombies Following a Zombie" and then tacking on "though granted, I've met some very nice religious folk in my day".

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

All that typo needs is something to say.

Zen Studio

kewl typo man!


nice design :)


sweet stuff mate! $4


very very nice!

Bunny Dojo

Very cool typography and colors up top. The added bottom line waters it down a little, but I'd say thumbs up nonetheless. :)

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