I Am Justice!

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I Am Justice! by Chris85 on Threadless
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Chris85 profile pic Artist

What is more powerful than The Justice Leauge?
It's the Justice Leauge - all in one guy!

Thanks to the people helping out in the qritique.


nice one


i like it...a lot!


why is the spotlight a fish?


You seem to have forgotten the Flash, maybe lightning bolts on his boots would help. $4

Chris85 profile pic Artist

Despair not my dear friend - are there not lightning bolts on his undies?


Because fish are kooler than kool.
Awesome ;]


Justice Guy reminds me of the awesome Stephen Lynch song 'Superhero'.


Glow in the dark glow please!! I don't care WHY the spotlight is a fish, I just love that it is :-)

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Wouldn't it be hilarious if he had Wonder Woman's rack?

4, great color scheme and great placement on the shirt.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Isn't the spotlight a fish to pay homage to Aquaman, the superhero who can hear a fish's distress call?

Chris85 profile pic Artist

In fact, Wonder Woman's rack was a part of the original idea. It got lost in the later versions, though. You're right, Kookaberry and wicked-studios as well, about the Aquaman reference. There's still two(however vague) references that haven't been discovered.

Thanks for the enthusiastic comments everybody.


I'm wondering what's going on with the line across his face. A detail of the head would be nice.

You've got six of the big seven that I can notice, but no Martian Manhunter reference?

Where's the J'onn J'onzz love?

Chris85 profile pic Artist

In fact there is a Martian Manhunter reference - It's kind of weak though. Whoever discovers it deserves a gold medal.


Yeah, I can't find the Martian Manhunter one.


Nice design though.


if the creamy colour was glow in the dark $5 =]

Chris85 profile pic Artist

Thanks a lot for the positive comments. Although it ended up getting a pretty lame score, I'm glad that it seemed to entertain you people. BTW - the vague Martian Manhunter reference is the two crossing light cones. Yeah... vague indeed.

I'll be back!

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