I am going to ruin your day

Design by nathanwpyle at gmail.com

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I love the title!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'm not really a fan of the hot mark on the toaster's side, and it should probably be only seen in uv colors anyways, but a really cool idea on indoor/outdoor design and literal concept of light burning the toast too much.


I agree with FA on the "hot mark." As much as I like the idea of the sun burning the toast, I don't think UV ink comes in anything dark, so your design won't work like you want it to.

gojirra profile pic Alumni

I think this is such a great concept but I wish it was more hand drawn looking I guess.


Maybe to simplify it, just put the burnt one on the back of the shirt? But I love the design!


LOL, nice idea. Also agree about the red on the side of the toaster.

evan3 profile pic Alumni

i dont understand
is there burnt toast on the back or uv or something?


I'm not sure if UV ink can be black.


quite cool i love bread/toast but absolutely ruins my day when i over-toast my bread!!!

though agree with others, the red 'hot spot' feels a bit out of place.... and not sure if UV ink will work that well, but having it front/back will still work perfectly i reckon :D

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