I am a slow children

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I am a slow children by Rockslide on Threadless
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Agreed -- would absolutely wear it!

Rockslide profile pic Artist

I guess its still cutting the first comments.

I just see these signs all the time and they've always made me laugh. I don't know why they still haven't changed the wording 'cause everyone laughs at them. I just always pictured the kid running into something.

I hope no one sees it as offensive, I didn't intend it that way. I just imagine a kid chasing after a football or something and running into a lamp post or the slow children sign itself.


funny. I can think of a few people I'd buy this for.

herky profile pic Alumni

very funny and creative, nice job. I like the worn, scratchy attention to detail on the sign.


oh man, I definitely ran into a pole once when I was a kid... I was walking backwards then when I turned around bam there it was. I always think of that when I see "slow children"

Rockslide profile pic Artist

Hey thanks guys! I'm really glad that people realize I'm making fun of the signs, not the kids. I was worried about that.

As for the "at play" addition, I've seen it both ways all over. Sometimes it has "at play" sometimes it doesn't. I thought it was a little cleaner without it. Thanks again for the comments!


I'd rather see turtle (or snail) babies playing.


Is Johnny SLOW because he hit his head or did he run into the pole because he is SLOW?

I like it.

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