i am a sexy panda

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i am a sexy panda by gypsy7 on Threadless
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catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

i think this need more t-shirt color options


I love it just the way it is. Keep the text. (It's irony, for those who don't seem to be able to tell.) I might get it in more than one color if I can. $5


Pointing out that a black and white design will look good on any shirt color isn't helpful.


Pandas killed my father. Sure, the sign at the zoo said "no feeding the animals," but how was he to know that the taste of circus peanuts would transform those seemingly innocent pandas into little merciless balls of fur and rage?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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i am falling asleep from all the simple panda subs in the last two daze..............

mezo profile pic Alumni

I disagree with that panda. 2 for effort.


i love pandas, but this one is too much -- the panda's too big and not really sexy?! i like the idea of a type tee...


I like pandas, but I'm hardly sexy! Therefore, I probably would not wear it.


And I'll dance for you, if you give me a quarter.


Are you insane?

Alice is in Wonderland

too simple and uncreativ... its like... hmmmm
"average" you can get smth like that in any dollor store.
No offense...


It's just not a good design.

It's boring, charmless, childish (in a bad way), tacky...


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