I am a Cyborg

Design by Jebs

I am a Cyborg by Jebs on Threadless
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really nice. I wouldn't mind seeing maybe a green circuit board. $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'd love this three hundred times more if the various body part names on the microchip popped out at you with a different color.

Jebs profile pic Artist

hi everybody, for the color variations, i agree with you, a green color add would be nice, but i already use my 4 colors...the solution could be using a tee color different to use the fifth color, but i am sure that the white tee shirt fit the best my design...i try just now something wit the colors and post it on my blog in a few minutes ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

NEW VERSIOn: on my Threadless Blog or at this adress: http://nhlfr.free.fr/tshirt/cyborg.gif with better contrasts and as frickinawesome says, with the body parts in a better contrasted color ;-)


nice idea but the shine is way too much and messy.. without it or much less would be good


I really like it. But the cracks (that's what I assume they are) at the bottom of the glass look copy-and-pasted. Call me anal, but I look for that kinda stuff.

Jebs profile pic Artist

napmasterC> i also look at that, and i admit that this time i was a bit lazy, so , 1 for you and 0 for me about this detail lol ;-)

filak profile pic Alumni

$5 ;)

Jebs profile pic Artist

merci filak :-)

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