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I  <3  YOU MACGYVER! by Dr_ernst on Threadless
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Dr_ernst profile pic Artist

Poor foxes and other animals are getting f**ked up for life just because of peoples carelessness. When throwing TV-sets carelessly right in to nature. I want this to end for good! So I'm makeing this statement by this T-shirt print! This must end now!! SAVE MOTHER EARTH FROM TELEVISION!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

hahaha funny idea here. Nix the sleeve placement for the punchline, perhaps on the back neck or on the bottom of the shirt on the back, and maybe make the joke more obvious that it's an old television that's beat up by making it a little more classic of a tele? Overall funny idea!

supertrooper74 profile pic Alumni

Too funny...somebody knocked on my door last night asking me to write some letters to my congressman about TV disposal.

I didn't tell her that I dumped my old TV behind the grocery store down the street.

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Great idea and presentation!

staffell profile pic Alumni

i hadn't got a fucking clue what was going on for a moment, then it clicked. brilliant

Dr_ernst profile pic Artist

Thanks for the positive input..

Supertrooper - In sweden we have recycleing stations - where you can load ur junk off and it gets recycled? Don't u have a simmilar system in the states? I'm just a courious.. Not acuseing u of anything.. But when you do a thing like that You always have to think how it will affect the foxes/cayoties in your local area.. it good be fatal for them to get in touch with the poisons of Television.. But u don't have foxes in the state huh? ;)

It's a beautiful animal. Think it's my favourite actually..

Dr_ernst profile pic Artist

"Now I'm biteing my nails" - metaphorically.. hehe.. get me the results.. soon please.. ^^

Dr_ernst profile pic Artist

for another version of the T-shirt witch is more easily printed.. (the doted shadows in the clouds)..

Dr_ernst profile pic Artist

man dissapointing i really think it's a good/funny design.. 8|

People who don't like it - should atleast be so decent and motivate why they scored..

Dr_ernst profile pic Artist

as they did..

Dr_ernst profile pic Artist

I think ppl might have voted before actually seing the print.. Hope the staff - will have som more patiance.. Or let me resubmit it with the design in just one picture, so ppl can get/really what it's all about. I mean all the comments have been positive almost.. 8)

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