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i can't think of anything a man would like on his shirt more than this.


your interpretation of where the belly button is, is way off. it should be infront of her, duh.


You've been really unlucky with the comments so far, I think this is a really strong concept. I don't know whether you took this to Crits but I think it would have been even stronger if you had done a few things differently. I think you could lose the text and she could be sitting back and relaxed, maybe in a rocking chair. Her eye lashes are a bit too thick as well but these are minor complaints, this is a great design and you should be really pleased with it.


I love seeing happy pregnant women, but the cord is
kind of distracting in that I thought it was possibly
going through an opening below the waist.

Put the cord going through the belly button and it
would remove what is distracting me.

-- no need for the text since the illustration says it all -- :)

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