I Love You NOT

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I Love You NOT by lelelude on Threadless
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I love this! Really nice job:D


Really, this is cute, but do we need a shirt like this - one depicting how lame men can be - to win the girly competition?

lelelude profile pic Artist

It depends if you take it serious or just think of it like an ironic or cute joke. I had no reason to put a men or a girl in a bad view. We are all the same, we all love someone (doesn't matter if it's a girlfriend or mother, father, sister) and there are also people that told me about this situation. For me.. It was a funny way to design this type of relations, and there are also girls who respond with "thanks". The ideea is not about boys or girls.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts :) appreciate this.


ahhhaaa cute really....

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