I (heart) Minecraft

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I (heart) Minecraft by WeakBrute on Threadless
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Anthony Knopke

I think this design could have potential, resizing the redstone to be the same height as the letter "I", and then spacing it out from each other more (not much though). And then finally if you resized the word minecraft so it lines up with the I and the redstone it could work (but not sure if it will affect how well you can read the word, you may have to then space out the letters) But this is just my critique, I think your design could work if you give it more time to try out different appoaches :)

That Brat

It's like the "I Porkchop Minecraft" shirt on Jinx. Eh.


I think something similar has been done, although with a Porkchop instead of redstone.


Change it to I [diamond] M C


hm, redstone could have better quality you know...

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