Hypodermic Happiness

Design by Turkeytron

Hypodermic Happiness by Turkeytron on Threadless
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I'm not sure how to interpret this image. Is she throwing a large pile of hypodermic needles into the air? If so, I can imagine one of two stories: either she's freed herself from addiction, or she's revelling in the physical pleasure of whatever is/was in the needles. Either way... I don't like needles.

I like her skirt, but her legs look a bit wonky!


I don't like the needs, but I like the way the woman is drawn. it's really good except for a couple of picky details: her legs (especially the right one) look weird, her belly button looks off center, and her skirt looks a little too low


what they heck is going on with her face. it's playing tricks on my eyes. i can't figure it out. plus she's got cankles! eww

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

could the needles be subtley spelling out something, perhaps "freedom" or "happiness" so it hammers the point home better?


I like it, but she's got a bad case of the cankles.

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