Hypodermic Happiness

Design by Turkeytron

Hypodermic Happiness by Turkeytron on Threadless
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I'm not sure how to interpret this image. Is she throwing a large pile of hypodermic needles into the air? If so, I can imagine one of two stories: either she's freed herself from addiction, or she's revelling in the physical pleasure of whatever is/was in the needles. Either way... I don't like needles.

I like her skirt, but her legs look a bit wonky!


I don't like the needs, but I like the way the woman is drawn. it's really good except for a couple of picky details: her legs (especially the right one) look weird, her belly button looks off center, and her skirt looks a little too low


what they heck is going on with her face. it's playing tricks on my eyes. i can't figure it out. plus she's got cankles! eww


could the needles be subtley spelling out something, perhaps "freedom" or "happiness" so it hammers the point home better?


I like it, but she's got a bad case of the cankles.

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