Hunting down a friend

Design by Glennz

Hunting down a friend by Glennz on Threadless
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hehehe...yes this is good :) veryvery good. 5555


^Why not? It's a metal.
I love it! Dorothy looks a little mannish, though. 4$

bortwein profile pic Alumni

For me the colors just are not right on this. Dorothy wears blue with white socks and looks like she has been using one of those Sunless Tanning creams, she's all orange. Part of this could be fix by changing her sock to white and printing the design on the Light Blue shirt, but we already have a ton of those.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

very, funny, man....
if i may add a few suggestions:
dorothys shoulders/biceps are huge....i dont think this dorothy would need any help defeating the wicked witch....seriously, slim down the upper arms and narrow-out her shoulders....
do this on "banana" color and add a faint-line brick road in perspective that they are walking on...
but very funny, and a great concept

slender fungus

i'd buy it if the illustartion were better. i like it though. $4


I agree with the 3 people above.
I'm a sucker for the Wizard of Oz


LMAO!!! Ooohhh man. Dorthoy looks a bit chunky. But 'tis only a minor set-back. I'd still buy it.


dorothy does need a womans touch, but other than that awsome


HYSTERICAL! Poor tin Woodman, your body is probably buried somewhere, but your friends are going to find you!

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