Hunt for the Red moon

Design by xiaobaosg

Hunt for the Red moon by xiaobaosg on Threadless
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xiaobaosg profile pic Artist

Based on the myths and legends of lunar/moon eclipse from different countries.

In Norse mythology, " Hati" a wolf was believed to swallow the Moon.

In Central American, the Mayan believe that the Jaguars had eaten the moon.

In Philippines, they believe that a gigantic sea serpent by the name of " Bakunawa" had eaten the moon ;

Chinese believe that "Heavenly Dog" had eaten the moon, and

Frog from Laos

There are more Animals and monsters from myth and legends that had eaten the moon and cause the eclipse. Here's just a few.

Guess the moon is pretty tasty internationally. :D


This is badass man $5 and print

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

YES! Easy five!


cool design bro~!! definate 5

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni



nice design again

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

I think the theme and the art is cool (really cool), but the composition needs work. The jaguar, dog, and wolf kind of blend with each other to make one brown shape: there should be more space between them. I'd recommend moving the dog to the left and up, and the wolf to the right and up. And i think you need some more color (red or otherwise) in the bottom half to balance the red moon. the centered on black style is excellent.


I would have to agree with some of the others... I would love to get this shirt on my back .. with a little re-work. The theme and the colors are great.. but the figures are discordant with each other.... maybe witht the moon in the middle as you have the postures of the the others they would look better around the moon with the dog on the right and the wolf on the left...


nice design~ 5$


This is amazing and I must buy it.

olie! profile pic Alumni

yes maybe work on the composition a bit as others have said, make the animals visually flow together or relate to eachother better. But as it stands now I still think this is pretty frickin' sweet.

Laura Crites

Beautiful. Very eye catching :)


I like! needs a little reworking though.

herky profile pic Alumni

terrific, like it on black


Lovely 5$

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