hungry snake

Design by DeadPoetic_Underoath

hungry snake by DeadPoetic_Underoath on Threadless
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She Says So


i was about to mention that. :)


i don't like the lips- they make it look more like a fish. its cool otherwise.

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awesome dude, great idea you get a 5


well having owned, raised and bred dozens of snakes my first thought was that rattlesnakes dont get that big nor do they have lips at all. Aside from all of the nitpicky realistic things I could point out about the snake that would make me not wear it...I do love the look on the cows face although again the cow would have been constricted not eaten alive...sorry, it is not often that technicalities get to me but they just did in this case...


"i don't like the lips- they make it look more like a fish. its cool otherwise."

I have to agree with phones on that^. Otherwise, it's great.

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really good (pssst ross commented which is a great sign)

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and i like the fact that the lips look fishy adds to the weirdness of the drawing.


I love the look on the cows face! I would buy this one for sure!


But it's so sad...

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Cool man, I think your subs are getting better and better. I think that if you take your treadless submissions more into this direction - i.e. containing a good visual joke and contrast - you'll be a winner! You have a very distinctive and original style so keep up the good work!

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