Hungry Hungry Forever

Design by Salamanderlich

Hungry Hungry Forever by Salamanderlich on Threadless
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They're Hungry Hungry!
I know some versions have an orange one instead of the blue one - but for CMYK's sake, I chose cyan.

If you notice, there's also a color pattern


I hope you like it!

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Lol! I guess I could, I think they're a little too skull like for them to be kiddy shirts.

Yeah! But . . . does glow come in different colors?


I like the hungry hippos, but they are a little too bright for me to want to wear this as a shirt.


ok, here's your new concept, free of charge from yours truly: Hippos on Acid, I want these four hippos, all passed out and crazy eyed with pellets scattered all around. one can even be mumbling "the colors...the Crazy Crazy Colors..."

your welcome, america

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