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SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

Dumpty-Bot has got the hump.

Many people know the tale of Humpty Dumpty and the inability of all the spaceKings horses and all the spaceKings men to put him back together again.

However few people ('cept a few time traveling Threadmore Barons) know about the events that occurred after the spaceKings scientists and mechanics started on him. Few people know, cos few survived. Boldly stating "We can rebuild him, we have the teggnology..." the scientists started on creating the 'Egg-cup' mech-suit. However, Humpty had become a 'Bad Egg'. Weather it was his 'fall' or an error in the wiring, he had changed and wrecked havoc on those he called the 'Pushers'. Destroying the lab and escaping out into the spaceCastle courtyard, he quickly took vengeance on his own personal 'wall' before laying waste to all the spaceKings men...

Subbed as part of the 'Barons of Threadmore' collective. This rounds theme is Sci-fi nursery rhymes: bring an old favorite up to Star wars and beyond. Now i don't know about an old favourite, but i've always been suspicious of that Humpty Dumpty - i think it's the wide mouth.

Also subbed in TheUrbanRaptor "Oh My Godzilla" Contest

Colour options and details are in one of the comments below.

Thanks for reading my ramblings

courtney pie

Ah! Humpty! wait, does he dance?



This is wonderfully weird! I love it and I'd buy it! 5 for sure!

dacat profile pic Alumni

Awesome, love 2.3 best! $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

hahaha...really nice stuff man! I hope the green parts could be glow-in-the-dark to add to the campy sci-fi thrill of it al if it gets printed...


Oh sure, tap in to my phobia of eggs. $5

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

THis is freaking awesome - all the kings men better run from the repulser rays - Excellent printability 5$

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni


Barons F.T.W.!

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