Humanic Dancing

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Humanic Dancing by The Jolly Brewer on Threadless
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something about this one tickles me the right way... funny stuff.


this make me laugh a lot,,welldone~5


Still love it! :)


this makes me giggle


This made me giggle too. :)


I don't like robots, but this strangely appeals.


That green one in the back is hilarious. XD


Love it, $5


Is that bender in the background walking like an egyptian? Really nice coloring, and mighta been a decent sntry for the kickin it old skool contest (although this is probably a bit more 70's than 80's). 3.

The Jolly Brewer
The Jolly Brewer profile pic Artist

It's not Bender, although it is loosely based on him. I wanted a crap robot doing a crap dance, so i went for the basic cylinder robot with bendy arms.

I did think of entering it for the kickin the 80's but the only dances that fit are the walk like an egyptian and the purple guy getting ready to battle. The others are either too early or too late.

Flying Mouse

This is so funny, nice work!


Awesome. I'll take one :)

The Jolly Brewer
The Jolly Brewer profile pic Artist

It could go on other colours if you subbed the new tshirt colour for one of the existing colours, ie blue. Currently it is 5 colours with the black used as a 6th colour. Changing the tshirt colour would mean adding a black ink.

The Jolly Brewer
The Jolly Brewer profile pic Artist

No, just to you ;-)

Someone mentioned it in another blog so I revisited it so see if there was any development. Your comment made me laugh, that's all.

any news on the prolific designer?

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