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Human Stories by Theo86 on Threadless
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Theo86 profile pic Artist

You think ghost stories are scary? well imagine how the ghosts feel about them.

Another Rossmat8 and Theo86 collab.

Thank you all for voting :)


super collab!


Nice collab guys! $5


Haha ..good one! Nice work!

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Great stuff, fellas.

ewaken profile pic Alumni

this needs quite a bit of work. from your title it sounds like it should be a couple of ghosts sitting around a fire telling stories. with humans jumping out of the bushes. Also, maybe im overthinking this were'nt all ghosts humans once, so would ghosts actually be scared of them??

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

The ghosts are afraid of the human dressed up as a ghosts. So they are technically afraid of themselves. The idea was to have the ghosts around a fire, but it was a little complicated.

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