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haha. i like that wolverine has a bigger penis than spidey. funny.

spires profile pic Alumni

fucking fantastic!


way to be awesome

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

This is HILARIOUS! 5!!! JefftheStud and Scharley3 need to get a room too...


I love it and would wear it anyday. Wolverine is my fave - he's Canadian ya know. So what's wrong with a penis (or 2) on a shirt anyway? Not like it's 2 feet long or anything.


what the heck is going on?! Anyway, I really like the design but I just don't think I'd wear it. I'm sorry.


But wolverine wasn't human.. he was a mutant. Different genes and all, the next step in evolution. Even without the uniform, same with spider-man, they still have their powers and are there for not.. human.. if that makes sense. Well, not like you and I, to say the most.

But I still like the idea. Without the penises.. and why does wolverine get a bigger one? His long claws are obviously compensating for something.

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