Huge blob-like character-creature-thing-boy

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Huge blob-like character-creature-thing-boy by againstbound on Threadless
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againstbound profile pic Artist

My latest opus, I name it:

"Huge blob-like character-creature-thing-boy eating a read and blue skull lollipop which makes his tongue and eyes turn red and blue, holding it with his right severely disproportioned hollow white arm and playing with a red and blue yo-yo with an x with his left one. His also severely disproportioned hollow white legs suggest he is sitting down while performing his activities, allowing to six hollow white bugs to start crawling up his body, which is very dark red colored with an even darker red fleur-de-lis all over pattern, and appears to be hollow at the top where a little hollow blue fish is jumping and splashing a little of his skin, making it seem like it’s some kind of liquid and not regular skin or flesh, three of the bugs are already on him, one is halfway there and the other two are still approaching him. To his upper right side there are three hollow white tentacles with no hint as to where they come from.

To his left side there’s an awkwardly shaped half empty speech bubble, revealing a diagonal line pattern in its empty part with three blue hollow bugs clinging to them. The speechless speech bubble is the same color as the character-creature-thing-boy’s body and also has the same fleur-de-lis pattern but not on the diagonal line pattern. In the still full part of the speechless speech bubble there are two small, hollow, blobby-shaped, blue characters, the one on the left has both his arms to his left side and has a speech bubble of his own saying 4/3 ; the one on the right also has a speech bubble, but saying … in response to the other one."


lol!! I love the speech bubble with the blue guys...nice touch!


I do not know why, but I love this!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

funky and original $5!

walmazan profile pic Alumni



good stuff

courtney pie

i'm SO not reading all those works AB!

5 all the way tho

WanderingBert profile pic Alumni

Nice but I think it needs the title on the shirt, otherwise people just won't get it. JK! haha

Seriously, I think this is total coolness. Love the speech bubble.


pretty neat way off center design

I like how the eyes have the built in 3-D glasses thing going

I see it as a talkative water balloon boy who is full of Cola
and is sharing a story about people who live in a Cola ocean

againstbound profile pic Artist

Thanks a lot guys!

Nintendofan-My bad, good thing you fixed it ;D

Dave-That's a great idea man! I'll talk about it wih threadless.

Helo-I LOVE your interpretation.

DaniellesGarden profile pic Alumni

I like the fishy and the skull lollipop thing and the creatures and bugs and stuff.. : )

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

really liking your new stuff looooooadss.
nice touch with the patter

Mountain Gnome

AB you are getting better and better, I can smell a print coming up! 5!!!!

the golden spatula

i want a shirt that makes me lol - love this one 5$

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

this came out intriguingly cool


that's a lot of ink all in one spot...

other than that, very cool.

littleclyde profile pic Alumni

Yes, but what does it mean?

You're rocking this latest style of yours, what with the lines and the patterns and half filled objects. Nice job!

JW profile pic Alumni

love it, fantastic style and great to see someone so articulate about their work.

againstbound profile pic Artist

Thanks a lot guys! It feels good to see some people liking my new approach, you rock!

I usually wait until my designs finish scoring to comment but seems this one's not gatting any more =).

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

That score is wrong, man! Seems like people are not too open to different styles. This makes me even more worried about my sub . . .

olie! profile pic Alumni

Oh MAN I don't know how I missed this?!? I really really liked this one dude I would have given it a 5, this score is wrong.

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