How To Prevent Scurvy

Design by blue sparrow

How To Prevent Scurvy by blue sparrow on Threadless
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blue sparrow
blue sparrow profile pic Artist

Even without the title, I just liked the idea of representing something quite scary like a skull & crossbones with something as non-threatening as tropical fruit. 1 colour and 2 gradients.

GRANDR profile pic Alumni

Very creative!!!


As funny as you get.

courtney pie

when I think of vitamin C, pineapples and bananas aren't what comes to mind first.


i like it!


Like this one. 5

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

This is pretty cool

Plu Shu

Mr-Hatfield : go fuck yourself.

Blue sparrow : go fuck yours... ah sorry, I got carried away.

Where were we... yes, the design. Well it has class, you know ? And then there's this cool gradient, on a neat outline. Ok, but also, the concept is solid and works really well. Does that make a 5buy ? Why yes, it does.

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