How they came up with the lollipop

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How they came up with the lollipop by 2085 on Threadless
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id like a double headed one please! the hands look a bit off. like a babys hands or something. too chubby

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Agree on the hands, but still a nice idea. Would make a good shirt!


I like this. I don't think you need the "proposed design number" bits at the top AND the x's. It's a bit overkill. Either one of the other would be good, though. Seperately, I like them both.

I also really like the colors you chose.

I hope this gets printed. Good luck!

Terry Citizen

I like this a lot. In regards the the ticks and crosses, they don't bother me hugely. Maybe a better solution would be to lose them and just have the final winning design proposal circled.

I know that's what I do when I'm brainstorming design ideas and it's what my design teachers do as well. It's slection will be more apparent.

Great design though, probably one of the most original Extra tasty submissions entered. 4$

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