How Far Will They Go?!

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How Far Will They Go?! by jaylovestheguinness on Threadless
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no tiara?

The Ending

Oh i read into it like the fast food companies have painted themselves into a corner and the penguin has made so many iceburgers, and no doubt money, but will soon run out or resources to make them and will have to change what s/he does or drown.


really cute!

liich profile pic Alumni

i like this a lot. most of these fast food nation submissions really suck and are all very similar. (including the typical colours of red and yellow. ugly.) yours stands out and there are many meanings behind it. besides the fact that i see that burger joints are trying to take over the world, i also look at it like there's such a demand for beef, that one day we'll run out and end up having to find other resources. i'd give you a $5 but i missed the voting cut off. sorry. good luck!

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ps. if you do the love with the triangle-bracket 3 symbol, the comment will get cut b/c it ends up being read as html coding. i did that on a submission i did. whoops.

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