How does that make YOU feel?

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How does that make YOU feel? by schleb on Threadless
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The Ending

the balloon looks a bit of an odd shape. maybe have a different colour tie?

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thanks guys! i'm going to work on one without the balloon head after this ones done. and i'll make the head higher. woohooo


I agree with the person above. It might be nicer without the balloon at all, and a different color tie. Otherwise, great idea :)


I agree with the others about having no balloon head at all. You could also play with the expression on the face - perhaps forlornly looking back at it's body? Great work!


just want you to know that the lines on the body are all very crisp and clean, but the head, shiny spot, and balloon, are shakey and kind of messy. so the first thing that jumps to my mind is the body is not an original, but modified. not saying one way or another if it is, just putting my opinion out.
you should clean that up if you want more.


and yes, once you clean it up, go with the shiny spot.

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mrdeadhead- it looks like that because i did the body by hand and the head on the computer.

just wanted to clear that up


has to have the shiny spot. without you wouldn't know if it is a balloon.

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haha. why did this get bumped?

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i might redo the head and resub. it's better than pretty please take 1 imo, but it scored worse. hmph

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