Hot Roddin' and Spreadsheetin'!

Design by southworth

Hot Roddin' and Spreadsheetin'! by southworth on Threadless
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This deserved more than 1.47. Kids these days...


Of course, I don't think I'd wear it.

Well, maybe on the back of a button-down shirt. The sort you wear with a blazer/jacket. So on the front it looks normal but as soon as the coat comes off... instant statement.

Well drawn, too.


I've been here since June 2005 and
I didn't get to see this before Threadless
took it down.

I like homages to Ed Roth's work especially
creative ones like this take on the accountant
from the office.

herky profile pic Alumni

I love rat fink, your style and definately this design! $5


Holy socks, I hope this gets made.

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