Hot Night Out

Design by JadenKale

Hot Night Out by JadenKale on Threadless
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5 inks on 4 shirt choices. I'd love to see this as a kids print and even though I really like the centered design, I thought a bottom offside placement would be fun. Enjoy!


Fun stuff... I would say that if it ends up as a side placement, tho, it should definitely be bigger. The chest seems just fine, tho

JadenKale profile pic Artist

That's a good thing to point out, Adder. The side design could stand to be larger but that can easily be changed in printing. Thanks you two!


love it on purple! nice sleepy pepper. agree on the bigger comment, but not too much. five!!


Love the purple and black both. Can't decide if I like the side print though. 5 & $ Ma

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