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quick-brown-fox profile pic Artist

As a kid I used to take my toys on vacation with me. I used to see the beach as a harsh new environment for them to endure. We have ice cream cones here in the u.k. call "99's" which is a cone with soft whip vanilla ice cream and a chocolate stick shoved in the top. I used to break the very end off the cone and pretend it was a cone for my tiny plastic friends. I also used to wear my 3d glasses a lot. This is where the idea came from.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

ahaha, i love this random idea, the death star as the sun in the background is a divine idea...just wish the border was different.

quick-brown-fox profile pic Artist

Thanks Frickin, I did experiment with a few different things on this, from no frame, to a wooden style one, they just didn't work. The last thing I thought of was a simple circular border, which I'm pretty happy with. I don't know if you get them in the U.S. but there are telescopes on boardwalks that you put a coin in and look out to sea. It's kind of a hint back to those.

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