Hot Asphalt

Design by danrule

Hot Asphalt by danrule on Threadless
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coool i like the green one.

i can just smell it.

EZFL profile pic Alumni

the green looks great on the dark grey shirt. nice placement too. 5$

good luck.


Oh wow. Awesome.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Nice, nice drawing. Simple and yet funny. Nice work!


placement is ok, it think i'd have preferred it slightly bleeding onto the side of the shirt or somthing


can't really tell what it is with the green. i thought it was a witchs hat or something until i saw the orange.


really cool. i like the green $4

Ava Adore

nice illus!

danrule profile pic Artist
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Hey thanks all, I probably should've shown Orange in the large area, make it obvious.

Really glad I didn't use Blueberry flavor.

bortwein profile pic Alumni
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I like the orange colored version.

Although this is a great looking illustration, there is something lacking when it comes to being a t-shirt. Maybe I just don't like the size or placement of your image.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

yeah, this is cool. you did an excellent job on the gooey and splatter stuff. wow!

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