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Hot Air Water Balloonist

Design by bortwein

Hot Air Water Balloonist by bortwein on Threadless
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Great! Now let's get this puppy printed! $5

Luke... profile pic Alumni

great illustration, and nice wacky concept...
nice to see text being used creatively, and thought out...
great colors, very wearable design...

Ava Adore

nice, good changes!

d3d profile pic Alumni

putting the type behind the balloon was an inspired stroke of genius!

bortwein profile pic Artist

Nathan: Thanks for the input. I saw that line as well but it didn't bother me as much as it does for you. It is part of that texture and I would consider removing it, if this was to be selected to print. As for the texture use in Illustrator, I created the texture with the help of photoshop and the paths feature there. I should start a blog about how to do it, but I'll have to write that up later.

Pavement_Chameleon: No. Get you mind out of the gutter. It's just a yellow water balloon. I tried other colored balloons but I liked the gold and greenish yellow color on the chocolate shirt best.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

Nice work!
(what's up with the sudden rush of distressed subs today?)


It's definitely a 5, but I'd love another color option for those of us who don't like brown.


This is cool. It has a nice texture! Great choice of colors, even though I already have a couple brown shirts:)

mezo profile pic Alumni

You're so pretty...I mean THIS. This is so pretty. Nice Bort!

skello2 profile pic Alumni

great design...Id buy it.......maybe try it w/ out the type.....the balloon by itself relays what is in the type

franx profile pic Alumni

this is well done! 5. i like the "pacific blue" color way.

EZFL profile pic Alumni

xiv, at 11:11am on Nov 10, 2005
with most good designs getting lower scores then usual lately:

this design will recieve a final score of 2.58-2.72

HA! ...your soul is mine.

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