Horse Tranquilizer for all!!!!

Design by edesee

Horse Tranquilizer  for all!!!! by edesee on Threadless
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it looks like... a horse-slug. ?4


I love horses but I don't like the needles!


The horse expression and foaming made me laugh. good work.


You had potetnial with the horse & his face...but something went horribly wrong. Not many people would want to sport hypodermic needles on their shirt. It just conjours up negative thoughts and emotions. That coupled with a horse-slug foaming at the mouth leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

A tip, when you transform the size in Illustrator- be sure to have the SCALE STROKES & EFFECTS selected, so the strokes also scale down. It appears your smaller needles have way thicker strokes than the bigger ones.

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