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Cheerleader: Don't you just hate it when a killer is like, chasing you through the woods and you totally trip on a root and fall face first?

Jock : Yeah. It's even worse when you can almost reach the weapon but....you just can't.

Killer: I know right? And sometimes when you guys do reach the gun there's like, zero bullets in it...

Jock: True. Sometimes when I can't find my buddy or my gf all i have to do is follow the trail of blood that leads to the attic or the basement and...

Cheerleader: (interrupts) ... since it's always dark in there, light a candle and find their lifeless body mutilated or hanging along a bunch of random corpses. Duh

Killer: Yep, we're just lazy like that. But my favorite part is when a girl takes a shower and I get to see her big boobies trough the keyhole.

Jock: LOL

Cheerleader: Whatever rolls eyes. Why do you have to cut the phone lines though? That's just rude.

Jock: Don't worry babe, I'll let you use my cellphone when the signal comes back.

Cheerleader: We're in a cemetery, everybody knows there's no signal around dead people. Maybe we can try starting the car and if it doesn't, we'll have sex and mister killer here can watch and learn a thing or two...

Killer: As long as I don't have to deal with the creepy animals outside, I'm game.


Perfect for halloween


The only thing I find a bit weird is the sex panel. Is that a rape, or a killer walking in on a couple having sex? Why does the girl look so upset?

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13strong It's definetely not rape, you know how in all horror movies the couple having sex always dies? I tried to portray that cliche. That's her sex face...you know, pain/pleasure type of deal.

andyg profile pic Alumni

Awesome work! 5


Montro - I would change it to a happier face. I don't wanna come across as over-sensitive here, but it would be best if people didn't mistake it for a comedic portrayal of a rape.

But cool idea, and in time for halloween.


chopanier profile pic Alumni

5$ haha LOVE IT!


look! i'm in the shower!



I dont want to come across as over sensitive, but I am concerned that it looks like the wolf is orally raping that guy in the left hand panel....

Smashing work.5$.


this is pretty bad ass

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nice idea, I do think that for horror cliches there is not enough blood in it. There needs to be a ton of blood squirting out of someone's arm


But about the virgin and geek with the heart of gold that embrace once the traumatic ordeal is over? Then a cryptic message is found to segue a sequel? That's missing (joking) $5 wicked work!


But what about the virgin and geek with the heart of gold that embrace once the traumatic ordeal is over and then a cryptic message is found to segue a sequel? That's missing (joking) $5 wicked work! oops sorry for the repeat/typo

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

nice 5$

nes-k profile pic Alumni

I like horror movies and i like your design !


haha! this is great!

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oh god, the sex scene is frickin' hilarious $5


LOL! Thats awesome.


does a girl always get raped in horror movies?


welshalex - I hope that one of these scenarios befalls you. Or more than one. That would be good. Say, three. You pick.


Yeah...roll the sex girl over, and maybe put the psycho shower girl's boobs away. Other than that I love it.


you ppl need to watch a lot more scary movies, obviously


Why do you say that, Chelly?


I like it, I really do $5


like it better w/o the sex panel, sex doesn't fit in the the style


A true horror movie MUST have at least one gratuitous breast shot and a sex scene. I also think it provides a great contrast against the otherwise cutesy style. Ignore all the silly teens Thomas, they'll get killed in the sequel anyway.


The boobs in the keyhole is hilarious. :D


You know, I didn't think it looked like rape until someone mentioned it looked like rape, and now that's all I see. The power of suggestion is one evil bitch.

This is still pretty awesome, though. I like the keyhole.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

this is so funny! 666 minus six hundred and sixy one and buy.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

A certified stud muffin of a submission on Threadless! 4$ to the max and a really funny faux horro movie scene as well Montro!

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Horror movies are not PG-13 though...still, thanks for the critiques guys, I appreciate 'em!


i say don't change anything. i can clearly see it as the chicks sex face, and you have to have titties, because if you don't it's not a horror movie. seriously, name me one famous horror movie without titties or a sex scene. usually they have both.

no pg-13, it's amazing as is.

chopanier profile pic Alumni

myspacetom is a man of wisdom. Rated R is the way to go.

great nate

haha so true^
hes the comedic relief that gets seperated from the group, but keeps talking and walking, looks around "guys? guys? pshh watever yo...AHHHHH!" (dead)


If you're really worried about the naughty bits, you can make your own censor bars in Sharpie.

5$. I would wear this every single day.

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