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Horror Heights

Design by Link Design

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Link Design
Link Design profile pic Artist

Click on the skeleton hands on the top right to see the other presentation pages, showing sketches and close up images.

To be printed on the silver/grey. 2 colors, black & white.

I love to doodle and sometimes when you doodle, your not sure what is going to come out. One of my favorite "Things" to doodle is scary monsters and ghosts! Horror Heights has many typical horror ghost, monster, and character you can think of…


Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

dschwen profile pic Alumni

great style!


Nice Shirt.

This would look especially awesome white on black, but definitely works this way too, and I'm not a big fan of white tShirts.
Good job L/D, you're work here on this "objectively-judged-artwork" website is easily some of the best.

Keep up the great work.


Looks amazing on the shirt. Great presentation. 4

Link Design
Link Design profile pic Artist

Thanks guys. keep the feedback coming!


Great! Love the presentation also!!


Z-mazing (26 tims better than Amazing)


I like the house on the creepy hill :D

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

This is pretty cool, I think I'd like to see a couple more colors in it though.


Looks so great on the shirt!

Link Design
Link Design profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. Last day!

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